Cartoon About John Dillinger's Connection To Northeastern Indiana's Lake Areas

It's a known fact that John Dillinger and his mobster buddies would often choose northeastern Indiana as a place to hide out until the heat was off.

John Dillenger Webster Lake hideout

Maybe they had glommed some ice from some rich dame. Maybe they had hit the First National Bank of Anytown, USA with their chopper squad and lifted some cabbage. Who knows? Nevertheless, they needed a safe place to slip away from the G-men, flatfoots and gum-shoes who would've been hot on their tails. It was that or risk being hauled away in bracelets to the big house. So, they probably would've hid the loot, packed some heat, jumped in the bucket and blew the scene!

Finally, what would these guys look for in a hideout? Maybe a nice, private flophouse with plenty of molls and giggle juice. Oh, and a beach with fishing for some kicks.

Please enjoy this summer cartoon I did a few years ago for Fort Wayne Magazine.

You Want Humidity? In Fort Wayne, You Got Humidity! Please Enjoy This Weather Cartoon.

Well it's the time of year to break out the loincloths in Fort Wayne, IN. Low pressure combining with high pressure, influenced by the Gulf stream passing through the southern states.... You know what? I'm just making this stuff up. I know nothing about meteorology, in fact, I'm not sure that I know how to spell the word. But, it didn't prompt a red underline beneath the word so spell check must think it's okay. 

Anyhow, here's a Fort Wayne humidity cartoon that I may have posted before. Not sure. But, it's based on a true story that happened while walking down the street one day-NOT!

Ho Ho Ho! It's A Cartoon About Downtown Fort Wayne Christmas Past.

Wolf and Dessauer Christmas Window Cartoon

It's said that writers write what they know. Well, the same can be said for cartoonists. Cartoonists cartoon what they know. I know about downtown Fort Wayne because I spent countless hours there for different reasons, at different times in my life. 

One of the most memorable times was that period of time in the '60s (when I was minus ten years old). Seriously, that period of time was magical. The big department stores, restaurants, specialty, shoe, music and almost any kind of business you can think of. I've often said Fort Wayne was like a miniature New York.

Many times throughout my childhood, my mom would round up my sister and me, to walk to the corner and hop on the bus to travel downtown. Getting off at the corner of Calhoun and Wayne, one of our first stops would be to go into Murphy's to grab lunch or a box of delicious doughnuts. Next, we'd go across the street to the department store called Stillman's. There, we could get on the elevator to go to one of probably four or five different floors to shop. I can almost still hear the elevator operator announcing, "Second floor: Ladies ready-to-wear! Bath linens! Small appliances!"  

Of course, that floor didn't interest me. I was thinking, "show me the toys"! Especially, if it was around Christmas. That was the time of the year that Fort Wayne pulled out all the stops. All the windows were decorated and the arch over the main corner of Calhoun and Wayne held a gigantic Christmas tree with over-sized ornaments that were just a strong wind away from being "exhibit A" in damaged car roof lawsuit. In the air, there were Christmas carols that played from who knows where and at this corner, when a bell sounded, it meant that pedestrians were free to cross in any direction, including diagonally. 

But perhaps, the biggest deal was the show window at Wolf and Dessauer (we called it "W&D's" for short). There, right before your eyes, was Santa's workshop, Christmas trains, woodland creatures, you name it, if it was magical, it was in those windows! 

Many of the Fort Wayne Baby Boomers remember these times and are more than ready to talk your leg off about them. Hence, this cartoon that appeared in the December 2009 issue of Fort Wayne Magazine.

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Fantasy of Lights With The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Cartoon

Here's a cartoon I did for Fort Wayne Monthly magazine back in 2011. 

Fantasy-of Lights-Fort-Wayne-Childrens-Zoo

I imagine that it's pretty difficult for one person to put up all those lights at Franke Park's "Fantasy of Lights" display. So what do you do when one of your co-workers doesn't show up for work that day? It's simple. Just walk through the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and look for a hand. Evidently, Jim, a Parks and Recreation worker did exactly that. Although, this time of year the zoo is closed to the public, so finding human help might be hard. But never underestimate the helpful nature of fellow mammals. Like giraffes. By the way... Did you know they have the same amount of vertebrae in their necks that humans have? Also, did you know that the cost per vertabra inch is much cheaper for a human turtleneck sweater than a giraffe's.

Anyhow, Jim found a very hardworking giraffe who was happy to help.