Are the cartoons on the Smeltzer Cartoons website available to print on hard-copy materials such as, newsletters, magazines, books and greeting cards? 

The actual cartoons on this website should not be used in print publications. They are only meant to be used in electronic media such as, presentations (powerpoint or otherwise), websites, e-newsletters, blogs and social media, etc. This is because these cartoons are saved as low resolution files that look great on computers, tablets and phones, but look bad when printed on physical pages. 

I would like to use some of these cartoons in our company newsletter. Can you provide me with a version of these cartoons that will look good when printed on actual paper?

YES! Use my contact form to let me know which cartoon you're interested in and I'll email you a high resolution file ASAP. My standard fee is $100 per cartoon for newsletters. You can pay by check or pay by credit card.

How about magazines, books and other printed materials. Are your cartoons available for these kinds of publications? How much do you charge?

Almost all cartoonists charge on a sliding scale depending on the size of the publication. Fees are based on things such as, circulation, rights purchased (first-rights, one-time-rights, print rights or electronic rights) and if the cartoon created, changed or colored, specifically for the publication. I can usually find a way for cartoons to be affordable for any client. Please contact me if you just want to talk about using cartoons in your publication. No big deal. I'm here to help.

How do you come up with your ideas?


No, seriously.

Okay, but it does usually involve coffee. I find the best environment for coming up with ideas is a quiet living room in the early morning. I like to keep all sounds down, like radio, television, music, wives. Seriously, I really prefer complete silence while I'm working on ideas. One sentence can completely derail an idea that is marinating in my mind. I think the early morning is key because it seems to be helpful for me to be in a mental state somewhere between a dream world and a wide awake, responsible world. Usually, it helps if I think of two things that are incongruent. Like, a business man in a tutu. Mix in some coffee while I marinate on that idea and before long, something starts forming. If nothing starts to form, I go on to another pair of incongruencies.

Got another question? You can contact me here and ask. I won't bite. Unless, of course you are a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Then I definitely will bite.