Cartoon About John Dillinger's Connection To Northeastern Indiana's Lake Areas

It's a known fact that John Dillinger and his mobster buddies would often choose northeastern Indiana as a place to hide out until the heat was off.

John Dillenger Webster Lake hideout

Maybe they had glommed some ice from some rich dame. Maybe they had hit the First National Bank of Anytown, USA with their chopper squad and lifted some cabbage. Who knows? Nevertheless, they needed a safe place to slip away from the G-men, flatfoots and gum-shoes who would've been hot on their tails. It was that or risk being hauled away in bracelets to the big house. So, they probably would've hid the loot, packed some heat, jumped in the bucket and blew the scene!

Finally, what would these guys look for in a hideout? Maybe a nice, private flophouse with plenty of molls and giggle juice. Oh, and a beach with fishing for some kicks.

Please enjoy this summer cartoon I did a few years ago for Fort Wayne Magazine.