Free Cartoons For Your Presentations, Social Media Pages or Email Newsletters.

Here are a few free cartoons that are yours to use for your personal or business website, Powerpoint presentation, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media pages. Normally, I charge for these kinds of uses, but I'm offering this free offer so you can "test drive" a cartoon or two to see what kind of response you might get. 

Some folks that use cartoons in presentations are doctors, business people and teachers, so below you'll find one of each.

Below each cartoon below is a link to other of my cartoons, that are available for your presentation, website, social media or email campaign for only $20 per cartoon.



Free Medical, Doctor, Pharmaceutical Prescription Cartoon


Right click on the image and save to your desktop. For more medical cartoons (only $20) for your presentation, social media or email use, click here.

Free Teacher, Education, Computer Cartoon


Free Business, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant Cartoon

Need Help With Online Resumes and Job Applications? Like This Cartoon Illustrates, Ask a Kid!

Sure you can bring home the bacon. You can set the alarm, get up on time, shower, eat and get out the door, to get to your job at 7:30 am. But what if you first, need to get the job? That will very likely include some kind of research, job hunting and applying online, AH! There's the rub! What if you're the kind of guy that has always has worked with his hands, possibly in a factory where you have done the same job on the same machine for years and years. Maybe your dad and even your grandpa did the same job before you. You worked a long day, doing back-breaking work and by quittin' time, you were ready to go home and stare at a screen that wasn't a computer screen. It was the type of screen that projected images of Seinfeld or Nascar highlights.

Now you hear that your job is being taken overseas to be done by cheaper labor or robots. But, here's the good news. Those in power have said that it's an information labor force that we're building in the USA and that you in fact, didn't like your factory job anyway. Hooray! You don't have to do the job that you did for years. The job that you were comfortable with and that paid pretty well. Now you get to do my favorite thing; You get to do work to do your work. Meaning that you get to go back to school (see, you didn't know that you wanted to do that, did you?) and study a subject that never really interested you. Thanks CEOs!

Well, after you surrender to this new occupation paradigm (a word you learned in one of your night classes), you go out buy a new suit and fire up the ol' computer to go a job huntin'. 

You may notice that the internet is complicated enough when you're just surfing the web. But wait until you go to company websites and try to go through the online application process! It can be one of the most confounding things you'll ever experience. Setting up usernames and passwords. Selecting security questions. Filling out personal information. Reading disclaimers. Man! That's a lot of work you gotta do in order to work. But the biggest deal is trying to upload your cover letter and resume. Hopefully, you can do all this before the website "times out" and loses all the information you entered. Oh fun!

If that does happen, take a break and come on over to my business cartoon page. Maybe they won't make you laugh, but at least, they might stop the crying.

Then, when you're ready to resume the online application process, call in your kid to help. Somehow they all know how to do things online. I think it's part of the deluxe package they're given at birth. 

Looking for professional, legal and copyright protected Business Cartoons to make your business presentation stand out?

For just a small fee, businesses such as yours, can use professionally created cartoons to add humor and foster a good feeling among your team, clients, customers or audience. For many years, successful businesses have used cartoons in customer newsletters, emails, powerpoint presentations, advertising and gifts. 


Cartoons have a way of connecting to your intended audience with a simple concept that makes them laugh and feel understood. (Think of service technicians, the world over, who have the famous "You want it when?!?" cartoon posted at a prominent place in their place of business.) Now, what if you were a service oriented magazine, with these service workers as your subscribers? And what if you were the first to publish that cartoon? Can you see how the service technicians could feel favorably about a magazine that understands them enough to publish a cartoon about the subject on unreasonable service turn-around time? It's funny and it relates to them!

Cartoons can also add a small oasis of levity to materials that can be pretty "dry". There's a reason that top-notched publications use cartoons to break up columns and columns of facts, figures and data. Just ask The Wall Street Journal, Barron's or Harvard Business Review. They have all used cartoons, successfully for years. You can use the same cartoons used in these publications or even commission new custom cartoons for your individual purposes. It's only $20 to automatically download a cartoon for e-purposes. Or contact me for print use or to ask about custom cartoons.





5 Proven Funny Business Cartoons That Have Been Used in Major Business Publications.

And you can use them for only $20 a piece in your own powerpoint, presentation, e-mail campaign, e-newsletter, blog or company social media page.

Click to contact me if you have any interest in using them in hard-copy materials, such as newsletters, magazines, brochures, etc.


This ironic alligator/businessman briefcase cartoon was first used by Reader's Digest Magazine. Although not a business publication, Reader's Digest often uses business cartoons in the work related areas of the magazine. This cartoon might work for a business presentation about workplace fashion or I often thought it would be ideal for an animal rights organization. Click on the cartoon to add to cart, pay for and download it for your purposes.


This consulting fee cartoon has appeared in Barron's. It's a play on the old "Give a man a fish.." adage. I think this cartoon could work in a lot of different business situations. Click on the cartoon to add to cart, pay for and download it for your purposes.


Here's another cartoon that I was happy to have published in the Wall Street Journal. It's a cartoon that's near and dear to my heart, because I do a lot of penciling in. Although I don't have a cool view of the skyline out of my office window like this cartoon does. Click on the cartoon and get the ball rolling to use it in your presentation, e-mail, blog, etc. 


Do you ever get the feeling that you might have less of a hard time getting to talk on the phone to someone if your name was Warren Buffet or Paul McCartney? I think you're right. And our receptionist above is proving the point. This cartoon showed up in a really cool business magazine called Worthwhile. Unfortunately, they went out of business some years back.  Click the cartoon to add to cart.


Here's a cartoon that might be good in a real estate presentation, e-mail, blog, e-newsletter, etc. It could also work for estate planning lawyers, retirement firms or stock brokers. Just click on the cartoon to start using it for your electronic media purposes. Contact me to use in printed materials such magazines, newsletters, greeting cards, brochures or what have you.


Celebrate National Dog Day, A Day Late With A Business Outsourcing Cartoon

Well here I am, a day late and a doggy short. Is that the old phrase? No, I didn't think so, but YOU try to come up with an opening line for a blog post. Anyways, in honor of our illustrious furry friends, I've decided to post one of my dog cartoons, hopefully for your enjoyment. Feel free to show it to Fido or Fidette. You'll know they like it if you get right up in their face and start saying their name while talking in baby talk. If they start licking your face, they like the cartoon. Unless you just ate a bologna sandwich, which could mean they are motivated by something else entirely.   

But show it to them anyway. He or she might enjoy seeing this business cartoon featuring a K9 in a starring role. Do you know what it must take for a cartoon dog like this to work his or her way up the corporate ladder to finally become a CED (Chief Executive Dog)? Probably they would need to start off in the mailroom, trying to hold back from their natural impulse of barking at the mail carrier. That must be r-r-r-rough.

Maybe next, they would be promoted to a customer service phone job, where they would salivate every time the phone rang. Or possibly they work their way up through a position in Human Resources, which when you think about the name of the department, is kind of biased towards humans and not doggies. 

Well this dog certainly is enjoying his place at the head of the board room table and is really tickled when one of the board members brings up the idea of outsourcing. Check out the cartoon and you'll see why. Thanks and happy National Dog Day, yesterday!

If you would like to use this cartoon in your powerpoint,  presentation, email or other electronic media, just click on the cartoon and you'll find yourself on the cartoon page where you can download it for $20.  Want to use it in print form for newsletters, magazines or books? Click CONTACT at the top of the page and we'll figure out a fair price for your specific needs.


Grab The Popcorn, It's Time For A Business Cartoon Video.

Here it is. Back by popular demand! My Smeltzer Cartoons "Business Cartoon Slideshow Presentation" on Youtube! You're Welcome!

Actually, I'm embedding this video on my new fancy-schmancy  blog, because I've redesigned my website and my old website page that was home to the video before, is no longer there. Go ahead and check- I'll wait. Hmmmmmm...hmmmmmm...hmmmmmm (fingers tapping on the desk) Hmmmmmmm....hmmmm...hmmm (whistling theme to The Munsters). Okay, are you back? See, I told you it wasn't there.

It's here and it's available for your viewing pleasure. All one minute and 19 seconds of it. So, grab the popcorn and those snow cap candy deals and sit back as you lose yourself in the whimsical world of Steve Smeltzer's cast of wise-crackin' business characters. (I wonder if anybody's actually reading this?) You want cartoons of business people giving presentations? You got it! You want cartoons about non-productive employees? You got it! You want anthropomorphic animals in business suits? You got it? You want.....well you get the idea.

One mouse click and you'll see the funniest business cartoons you'll see at that same exact moment, anywhere else. At Smeltzer Cartoons, I take your busy schedule into consideration and have painstakingly designed the video to play with one mouse click. (Or maybe that was Youtube, that did that...I'll check into that). Irregardlessly regardless, you'll notice that the cartoons seamlessly move from one to the other and all you need to do is sit back and read the captions underneath the funny pictures. Those of you who have not taken the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course may want to make use of the pause button on the lower left of the video player.

Seriously, now. If you want to use one of these cartoons in your business powerpoint presentation, email, social media, etc., find it here 

Click on the cartoon and it will take you to a shopping cart, where you can pay by credit card. It's safe and simple. And it's only $20 to download. 

If you want to use it print media (magazine, newsletter, book, greeting card, etc.), contact me here and we'll work out a price.


Business Cartoons for Business Presentations

Cartoons produced by professional cartoonists are are a great way to dress up a business newsletter, brochure, training materials or a powerpoint presentation.

Cartoons can break the ice and of course, add an element of humor. But cartoons are more than funny. A good, professionally created cartoon can go a long way in putting your target audience at-ease, fostering a feeling of belonging. Cartoons can help your seminar participants, presentation group or newsletter readers feel like they’re part of a group by relating with others to a like-minded funny situation, image or sentiment. I think that most people like to be around others who understand and appreciate the particular characteristics, circumstances and foibles of their common careers or interests.


Cartoons are a simple, low-cost way of achieving that goal very quickly. The minute that the business presentation participant or newsletter subscriber sees a funny, relatable cartoon, he or she may feel more appreciated, understood and part of something bigger.  All great ways of instilling a culture of team-building. If you need a cartoon for your next business presentation or newsletter, visit Smeltzer Cartoons by clicking here.