Business Cartoons for Business Presentations

Cartoons produced by professional cartoonists are are a great way to dress up a business newsletter, brochure, training materials or a powerpoint presentation.

Cartoons can break the ice and of course, add an element of humor. But cartoons are more than funny. A good, professionally created cartoon can go a long way in putting your target audience at-ease, fostering a feeling of belonging. Cartoons can help your seminar participants, presentation group or newsletter readers feel like they’re part of a group by relating with others to a like-minded funny situation, image or sentiment. I think that most people like to be around others who understand and appreciate the particular characteristics, circumstances and foibles of their common careers or interests.


Cartoons are a simple, low-cost way of achieving that goal very quickly. The minute that the business presentation participant or newsletter subscriber sees a funny, relatable cartoon, he or she may feel more appreciated, understood and part of something bigger.  All great ways of instilling a culture of team-building. If you need a cartoon for your next business presentation or newsletter, visit Smeltzer Cartoons by clicking here.