Looking for professional, legal and copyright protected Business Cartoons to make your business presentation stand out?

For just a small fee, businesses such as yours, can use professionally created cartoons to add humor and foster a good feeling among your team, clients, customers or audience. For many years, successful businesses have used cartoons in customer newsletters, emails, powerpoint presentations, advertising and gifts. 


Cartoons have a way of connecting to your intended audience with a simple concept that makes them laugh and feel understood. (Think of service technicians, the world over, who have the famous "You want it when?!?" cartoon posted at a prominent place in their place of business.) Now, what if you were a service oriented magazine, with these service workers as your subscribers? And what if you were the first to publish that cartoon? Can you see how the service technicians could feel favorably about a magazine that understands them enough to publish a cartoon about the subject on unreasonable service turn-around time? It's funny and it relates to them!

Cartoons can also add a small oasis of levity to materials that can be pretty "dry". There's a reason that top-notched publications use cartoons to break up columns and columns of facts, figures and data. Just ask The Wall Street Journal, Barron's or Harvard Business Review. They have all used cartoons, successfully for years. You can use the same cartoons used in these publications or even commission new custom cartoons for your individual purposes. It's only $20 to automatically download a cartoon for e-purposes. Or contact me for print use or to ask about custom cartoons.





5 Proven Funny Business Cartoons That Have Been Used in Major Business Publications.

And you can use them for only $20 a piece in your own powerpoint, presentation, e-mail campaign, e-newsletter, blog or company social media page.

Click to contact me if you have any interest in using them in hard-copy materials, such as newsletters, magazines, brochures, etc.


This ironic alligator/businessman briefcase cartoon was first used by Reader's Digest Magazine. Although not a business publication, Reader's Digest often uses business cartoons in the work related areas of the magazine. This cartoon might work for a business presentation about workplace fashion or I often thought it would be ideal for an animal rights organization. Click on the cartoon to add to cart, pay for and download it for your purposes.


This consulting fee cartoon has appeared in Barron's. It's a play on the old "Give a man a fish.." adage. I think this cartoon could work in a lot of different business situations. Click on the cartoon to add to cart, pay for and download it for your purposes.


Here's another cartoon that I was happy to have published in the Wall Street Journal. It's a cartoon that's near and dear to my heart, because I do a lot of penciling in. Although I don't have a cool view of the skyline out of my office window like this cartoon does. Click on the cartoon and get the ball rolling to use it in your presentation, e-mail, blog, etc. 


Do you ever get the feeling that you might have less of a hard time getting to talk on the phone to someone if your name was Warren Buffet or Paul McCartney? I think you're right. And our receptionist above is proving the point. This cartoon showed up in a really cool business magazine called Worthwhile. Unfortunately, they went out of business some years back.  Click the cartoon to add to cart.


Here's a cartoon that might be good in a real estate presentation, e-mail, blog, e-newsletter, etc. It could also work for estate planning lawyers, retirement firms or stock brokers. Just click on the cartoon to start using it for your electronic media purposes. Contact me to use in printed materials such magazines, newsletters, greeting cards, brochures or what have you.


Business Cartoons for Business Presentations

Cartoons produced by professional cartoonists are are a great way to dress up a business newsletter, brochure, training materials or a powerpoint presentation.

Cartoons can break the ice and of course, add an element of humor. But cartoons are more than funny. A good, professionally created cartoon can go a long way in putting your target audience at-ease, fostering a feeling of belonging. Cartoons can help your seminar participants, presentation group or newsletter readers feel like they’re part of a group by relating with others to a like-minded funny situation, image or sentiment. I think that most people like to be around others who understand and appreciate the particular characteristics, circumstances and foibles of their common careers or interests.


Cartoons are a simple, low-cost way of achieving that goal very quickly. The minute that the business presentation participant or newsletter subscriber sees a funny, relatable cartoon, he or she may feel more appreciated, understood and part of something bigger.  All great ways of instilling a culture of team-building. If you need a cartoon for your next business presentation or newsletter, visit Smeltzer Cartoons by clicking here.