Looking for professional, legal and copyright protected Business Cartoons to make your business presentation stand out?

For just a small fee, businesses such as yours, can use professionally created cartoons to add humor and foster a good feeling among your team, clients, customers or audience. For many years, successful businesses have used cartoons in customer newsletters, emails, powerpoint presentations, advertising and gifts. 


Cartoons have a way of connecting to your intended audience with a simple concept that makes them laugh and feel understood. (Think of service technicians, the world over, who have the famous "You want it when?!?" cartoon posted at a prominent place in their place of business.) Now, what if you were a service oriented magazine, with these service workers as your subscribers? And what if you were the first to publish that cartoon? Can you see how the service technicians could feel favorably about a magazine that understands them enough to publish a cartoon about the subject on unreasonable service turn-around time? It's funny and it relates to them!

Cartoons can also add a small oasis of levity to materials that can be pretty "dry". There's a reason that top-notched publications use cartoons to break up columns and columns of facts, figures and data. Just ask The Wall Street Journal, Barron's or Harvard Business Review. They have all used cartoons, successfully for years. You can use the same cartoons used in these publications or even commission new custom cartoons for your individual purposes. It's only $20 to automatically download a cartoon for e-purposes. Or contact me for print use or to ask about custom cartoons.