Free Cartoons For Your Presentations, Social Media Pages or Email Newsletters.

Here are a few free cartoons that are yours to use for your personal or business website, Powerpoint presentation, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media pages. Normally, I charge for these kinds of uses, but I'm offering this free offer so you can "test drive" a cartoon or two to see what kind of response you might get. 

Some folks that use cartoons in presentations are doctors, business people and teachers, so below you'll find one of each.

Below each cartoon below is a link to other of my cartoons, that are available for your presentation, website, social media or email campaign for only $20 per cartoon.



Free Medical, Doctor, Pharmaceutical Prescription Cartoon


Right click on the image and save to your desktop. For more medical cartoons (only $20) for your presentation, social media or email use, click here.

Free Teacher, Education, Computer Cartoon


Free Business, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant Cartoon