Celebrate National Dog Day, A Day Late With A Business Outsourcing Cartoon

Well here I am, a day late and a doggy short. Is that the old phrase? No, I didn't think so, but YOU try to come up with an opening line for a blog post. Anyways, in honor of our illustrious furry friends, I've decided to post one of my dog cartoons, hopefully for your enjoyment. Feel free to show it to Fido or Fidette. You'll know they like it if you get right up in their face and start saying their name while talking in baby talk. If they start licking your face, they like the cartoon. Unless you just ate a bologna sandwich, which could mean they are motivated by something else entirely.   

But show it to them anyway. He or she might enjoy seeing this business cartoon featuring a K9 in a starring role. Do you know what it must take for a cartoon dog like this to work his or her way up the corporate ladder to finally become a CED (Chief Executive Dog)? Probably they would need to start off in the mailroom, trying to hold back from their natural impulse of barking at the mail carrier. That must be r-r-r-rough.

Maybe next, they would be promoted to a customer service phone job, where they would salivate every time the phone rang. Or possibly they work their way up through a position in Human Resources, which when you think about the name of the department, is kind of biased towards humans and not doggies. 

Well this dog certainly is enjoying his place at the head of the board room table and is really tickled when one of the board members brings up the idea of outsourcing. Check out the cartoon and you'll see why. Thanks and happy National Dog Day, yesterday!

If you would like to use this cartoon in your powerpoint,  presentation, email or other electronic media, just click on the cartoon and you'll find yourself on the cartoon page where you can download it for $20.  Want to use it in print form for newsletters, magazines or books? Click CONTACT at the top of the page and we'll figure out a fair price for your specific needs.