Back To School Clothes Shopping Cartoon

I don't understand why so soon, but it's that time of year again, for going back to school.

Here's a little secret, kids. We of the, shall we say, seasoned population, used to get out of school the first week in June and didn't go back until the first week in September. A full three months. Do you know what one can accomplish in a full three months of vacation? I, for one, logged countless hours of wiffle ball games, kick the can, couch surfing and the relentless badgering of my mom with the age-old question, "Mom, what can I do?" To which, her response was always the classic, "Spit in your shoe. Stir it up and give it to you."


It was the end of August that we would finally muster up the motivation to jump in the car and begin our long foot scuffing, shoulder slouching trek through department store after department store looking for the latest shirt designs, as well as my standard husky sized "Johnny Unitas" corduroy pants. 

Back-to-school shopping is quite different than it used to be. Fashions change, stores change, economics have changed. One thing that hasn't changed it the quest to be fashionable, which is the subject of this back-to-school clothes shopping cartoon. I hope you enjoy it. If not, I'm giving you an "F"!